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Daschmi - Real World Scenario Benchmark

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The DaSchmi test is a real world benchmark of smartphones and tablets. Any phone with basic multitasking-capabilities, internet, camera and calculator can run the test-procedure. We don’t compare numbers and tech specifications. The only thing that does matter is the overall performance of the operating system that is visible to the human eye.


The viewer will see the operating system perform and how it looks when doing common daily task like copying and pasting, YouTube, email, keyboard, contacts. In addition you get a feeling of the systems speed and the amount of battery needed. The intention of the test is to show the speed, layout and workflow of the device and the operating system.

To get DaSchmi working on as many platforms as possible the whole test is not based on specific apps or operating system exclusive features. The test is performed by the user which leads to realistic real-word usage data. 

Whats needed

To perform the test by yourself you should meet the following requirements to get comparable results.

  • test the DaSchmi procedure at least once before you start to record with a camera
  • your phone needs to be connected to the internet and disconnected from the charger
  • the step-by-step instructions should be accessible for you during the test (on paper or an additional display)
  • display brightness should be switched to automatic
  • try to avoid not needed apps running in the background
  • Note when uploading your video to the internet: The test tries to avoid to display phone numbers or email addresses. Depending on your configurations you better check if you are not uploading private information to the internet 
Daschmi Test on youtube.
Daschmi Test on YouTube

Daschmi Sheet:
Daschmi - Sheet

Tipps for performing the test  

  • The test is based on multitasking. If not explicitly written you don’t have to close running apps.
  • Try to go through the tasks smoothly. You don’t have to comment the actions you do.
  • Feel free to use voice guided functions.
  • Before you start: make sure no non-essential programs are running in the background.
  • If you make a mistake, it doesn’t matter… that’s why it's called a real-world test
  • If you are note recording with a camera try to measure time with a stop watch. People at least have a time to rely on.

The Daschmi prodeure

  1. Wake up and unlock the device 
  2. Point to or read out the percentage of your battery (use app if needed)
  3. Open a calculator and type in your battery charge level
  4. Start Browser and load “” as a mobile site. Wait until the site is loaded completely.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click/tab on “Full Site” to show the full site. Let the site load completely
  6. Reload the page but during reload scroll on the site a bit
  7. With the help of system, browser or app show temperature of your city 
  8. Search with help of system, browser or app for a picture of an bird called “dodo”
  9. Take a picture of your hand 
  10. Search with help of system, browser or app some text facts about an “dodo” (use wiki if you like)
  11. Copy two sentences of the text to clipboard 
  12. Create new email with the text of the dodo and the picture of your hand
  13. Write with the help of soft/hardware keyboard “The text of the dodo was copied from the internet”
  14. With the help of system, browser or app, search for the “DaSchmi test” on youtube and start playback (the video is 1.01 minutes long and the thumbnail is textured black-white)
  15. Pause the video after 30sec and check video playback count. Copy or remember that number and paste it into the previous email
  16. In addition, save that number to your contact list, name the contact “Dodo” and assign the picture of your hand as the profile picture
  17. Go back to your battery program and point on to the percentage of the battery
  18. Switch to calculator and subtract the new number from the old and show the result
  19. Lock phone
End of DaSchmi procedure

A shorter list you might check during the test.

  1. Start phone
  2. Show battery percentage
  3. Store number in calculator
  4. Load the website – wait till finished
  5. Load the desktop version of
  6. Reload the page and try to scroll during loading
  7. Show weather
  8. Search for picture of a Dodo
  9. Take picture of your hand
  10. Search for information about a Dodo
  11. Copy some text to clipboard
  12. Create email with text of dodo and picture of your hand
  13. Write into the email: “The text of the dodo was copied from the internet”
  14. Search for “DaSchmi test” on youtube.
  15. Pause the video after 30sec
  16. Copy video’s view count 
  17. Paste to email
  18. Create contact: phone number equals view count, name equals “dodo” and profile picture is your hand
  19. Show battery information again
  20. Subtract battery percentage. Old-New= Difference
  21. Lock Phone

Share your test

To make your video easy to find you should insert the following information in the video(s).

Title should contain phone and DaSchmi
Lumia 920 – Daschmi
The info box should contain information about the operating system, detailed information about the hardware and the calculated battery drain. Feel free to talk about faced problems you had during testing.

Windows Phone 8 Lumia 820 - 2x1.5ghz - 1gb ram - OS vers 8.0.9 Battery drain: 6%

Look at other Daschmi Tests on YouTube
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