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Uninstall Moxier Pro on Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini [Tutorial]

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Sony Ericsson (now Sony without the Ericsson) pre-installed an app called "Moxier Pro" on many 2011+ smartphones with Android. This app not only uses up a hefty 11 MB of scarce internal memory, but also some RAM. In this article you will learn how to successfully uninstall this app, with a friendly step-by-step guide.

As mentioned before Moxier Pro uses about 10 MB of internal memory on your phone. If you're short of memory and do not need this app, you may want to remove it. Unfortunately, the usual way of simply uninstalling won't work. It may seem to be possible, but it will eventually fail.

This is simply an issue of settings. It it quite easy to remove this app, without having root previliges (do not worry if you do not know what this means, you don't have it unless you took some effort in getting it). Be warned: You can not (I repeat: NOT) get Moxier Pro on google play store (formerly known as Google Market). There are other apps with the name Moxier in it, but they are not Moxier Pro. You can only get the app back if you backed up your phone or reset it to factory default via SEUS.

Before considering an uninstall ask yourself if you really do not need this app. We wrote an article on Moxier Pro, telling you what it does. Find it here: The Moxier Pro App on Sony Ericsson smartphones

Disclaimer: You follow these instructions on your own risk. I do not take any responsibilty for data loss or damage to your phone. (Well, this is just to make sure. Actually, uninstalling an app is not dangerous and you won't damage your phone)

So, you are sure you want to uninstall Moxier Pro. Here is the tutorial:

1. Open the Settings Menu
2. Open "Location & security"
3. Go to "Select device administrators"
4. Untick "Moxier Pro"
5. back to main menu
6. go to "Applications"
7. "Manage applications"
8. search for Moxier Pro and select it
9. hit "Uninstall"
10. all done

New: Video-tutorial for Android 4.0.4. Though settings on my phone are German, I describe how it's called in English. As they are at the same position, this should be no problem for you - at least I hope so.

You now successfully got rid of Moxier Pro and you freed 10.65 MB of internal Memory.
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0 # naufal 2013-12-14 13:33
oke in
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0 # Baz 2013-05-21 03:07
Thanks Sebastian
Very clear& helpful
Appreciate your help
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0 # mcaldo 2012-11-21 10:17
Thanks Sebastian, pretty clear article, and the one explaining what the program actually does is good as well.
Didn't know it couldn't be unistalled the normal way, but given all the privileges the app has it makes quite sense.
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