Sebastian studied Business Education and has a particularly strong interest in Serious Games and Gamification. His love for all things Tech, e.g. PCs, Internet, steadily grew since he played his first computer games, that came on a tape. Looking at things from all possible angles is equally important to him as learning something new every day.

You can try to pigeonhole him - it wouldn't work. There's always something unexpected waiting for you.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013 18:53

Save Time on YouTube with HTML5

4,000,000,000! That is the amount of hours people spend watching videos on YouTube every month. That is so much, that it is already easier to write as 4×109 (a 4 with 9 zeros). In many cases watching some of the videos is a waste of time. Either because it's a video of someone opening the wrapper of a new iPhone or the 60-minute-documentary is on a level a 2nd-grader could understand. There is a way to make better use of our spare time: a (not so new) feature in the HTML5-player of YouTube. It allows you to see videos at higher speeds than normal (also lower). This article will show you how it's done.

I know it's not exactly the kind of thing you'd expect on this website, but surfing the internet will, at some point, make you squirm: Comic Sans. Here is a poem I wrote about it.

uberOptions a little, yet powerful tool. It seamlessly integrates into Logitech's SetPoint software. It allows you to expand the possible functions each button has. Especially if you have a Logitech mouse with lots of additional buttons, tremendous increase in work/play efficiency becomes possible. Though officially, uberOptions only supports SetPoint 4.x. The current version is 6 and in this tutorial I will show you how to get it working with the current Version 6. Step-by-step including a guide on how to assign new functions/keystrokes to existing buttons. [German version available]
Tuesday, 11 September 2012 16:58

Transparent LCD - Samsung NL22B

Transparent Displays are being used in Sci-Fi-Movies for a long time. Manufacturers presented several prototypes at fairs around the the globe. Now, Samsung started mass-production of an All-In-One-Showcase with integrated transparent LCD. [zur Deutschen Version]
Thursday, 26 April 2012 16:44

Die neue Galerie

Es ist endlich soweit: Die neue Galerie ist online. Was euch dort erwartet und wie ihr die Bilder nutzen könnt, erfahrt ihr in diesem Artikel.

Sony Ericsson (now Sony without the Ericsson) pre-installed an app called "Moxier Pro" on many 2011+ smartphones with Android. This app not only uses up a hefty 11 MB of scarce internal memory, but also some RAM. In this article you will learn how to successfully uninstall this app, with a friendly step-by-step guide.

Moxier Pro is pre-installed on most recent Sony Ericsson Smartphone with Android, e.g. Xperia Mini Pro. We'll tell you what it does, and if you really need it.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012 19:08

Bluetooth keyboard Periboard 804 [Review]

We obtained a Perixx Periboard 804 bluetooth keyboard for a tablet pc. Here is how it performed in our editor's test.
Our editor Daniel shot short video-clips with his old nokia e63 cellphone. In this arty piece with very suiting music and a touch of creepyness, you can find out what years of footage look like... and the song is also known as Gus' Theme from Breaking Bad Final Episode of Season 4.
Saturday, 11 February 2012 10:13

Our youtube-channel

We now have a channel at which adds video to our reviews. Read about it here...
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