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Windows 8 Tablets - The rating system needs to be changed

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Microsoft tried to combine a casual operating system for tablets with a normal windows interface. The idea of merging different product types into one powerful device is great. You can use everything from both sides.  Combining the pros and leaving the cons out? No way!
A normal tablet has to be small, lightweight, powerful enough for daily tasks and games, good looking and providing long battery life. Well, many people don’t need anything more. But some do.

Notebooks are capable of running full programs like CAD or Photoshop. The browser feels different and in general the system is way more powerful and complex than the mobile tablet.

Both products merged into one package should give the perfect tablet. But right now it is technically not possible. Let me explain:

To run programs like Photoshop you need a fast processor. And a fast processor needs more power, resulting in a larger battery or shorter battery life. Because of the lack of batteries storing more energy we can’t get the perfect device? No.

The desktop software is the problem. You can’t control most of the real programs with a touch device. The buttons are too small and you do not get visual feedback from the buttons when pressed. Often a keyboard is needed to work productively because of the complexity of the tasks (think about short-cuts and the wasted space on the display to show all the function in a proper size).

The idea of the uber-tablet still remains good but seems difficult or even impossible to get done perfectly

How Microsoft solved the problems of the different systems and programs? They didn’t.

The desktop still needs a mouse input. Instead of changing the overall design of the operating system they just chose the easy way. Adding the ideas of the tablet operating system to Windows. At the end you have both: The tablet and the notebook-feeling (And I honestly think it’s not meant to be used at the same time). Microsoft could have changed the look of the desktop an even make it more touch friendly. But the software still remains old looking.

So what is the Windows 8 tablet? A tablet or a laptop? Of cause it’s both

But how to compare this new devices to others like the iPad or Notebook? There are a lot more usage szenarios but the product the same as the others.

Here is where most of the reviews in the internet don’t differentiate enough. When compared to a tablet like the iPad you can’t argue about the desktop from windows 8 because you have the new interface “Metro”. It’s like rating the iPad bad because Photoshop does not work. If you want to edit some pictures in Photoshop just do it like you did before. With your touch-pad or mouse. Of cause you can argue about the bad battery life, the additional weight and the lack of top apps. But the expandable storage, USB, peripheral device support and more powerful processor should be added to the list of Pros.

But in addition you can use the Tablet as a notebook. Keyboard and track-pad help to deal with the desktop.

Compared with the notebook the Windows 8 tablet lacks of battery life, full keyboard and ports. The low weight, perfect screen and smaller package is something notebooks often don’t have. Or read a pdf in many more positions than you would have with a notebook.

At the end you should not rate the tablet and desktop function separately and create the average. It’s more like looking at all the features you get from both worlds and subtract the negatives of both. But the rating of a device that tries to be two devices still remains difficult. The plus of having both in one is just not calculated right in to-days reviews because it does not fit in the predefined things of what is good and seems bad.

This is my personal opinion on the misleading reviews out there. Windows 8 Tablets are far from being perfect and the idea of separating the desktop and the new additional interface might not be the polished one. But at least it works for both worlds. You have your tablet and your notebook without changing anything. The tablet operating systems with apps and “metro” and of cause the normal desktop with you Photoshop.

Tell us where you see windows 8 tablets and if such a device should fulfill both categories perfectly to get rated the best?


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