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My first typography poem: "Comic sans writer's block"

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I know it's not exactly the kind of thing you'd expect on this website, but surfing the internet will, at some point, make you squirm: Comic Sans. Here is a poem I wrote about it.

Comic Sans MS: This font follows you home, it haunts you at work, it scares away you partner(s). It's basically a clowns handwriting, which makes it perfect for children's birthday parties. Yet, people try to use it for serious purposes. They are either unaware of the damage it does to their content or choose to ignore this fact. They might also use it to distract from bad content. You haven't finished the conent for your presentation? No worries, just use Comic Sans! You want to complain about something unpleasant? No worries, just use Comic Sans!

This inspired me to write a poem. A basic knowledge of typography terminology is beneficial to understanding it. Please be aware that this is my first peom with a purpose, ever (teenage love poems don't count here). And here it is:

Comic sans writer’s block

A serious font for the humble writer
How humble can a bold face be?
Serifs do not make respected text
How respected can font’s small caps be?

A recto drawing says more than verso.
How then shall the writer’s work proceed?
Pull quotes apart to striking lines
How painful can a drawing bleed?

Evolved from serious fonts to crossed lines
When content fails, take over, childish joy
Expressions on a mocked font’s face wet eyes
It’s a comic sans the irony - in pain.

©2013 Sebastian Schmidt

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Sebastian studied Business Education and has a particularly strong interest in Serious Games and Gamification. His love for all things Tech, e.g. PCs, Internet, steadily grew since he played his first computer games, that came on a tape. Looking at things from all possible angles is equally important to him as learning something new every day.

You can try to pigeonhole him - it wouldn't work. There's always something unexpected waiting for you.

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